Christine Schmid

Creativity and Spirit – I find both in my encounters with people, places and the conscious experience of Now.

Freelance work, many years in a leading position at Gruner & Jahr publishing house, various education and training make up my backround – combining my sound knowledge in design, publishing and advertising with my years of experience and practice in healing and spirituality complete my knowledge.

My personality easily draws the best qualities out of others. I naturally create an atmosphere of trust and, above all, self-confidence to discover your own potential.

I use different methods: on the mental level, Life Coaching by Barbara Sher and on the physical level Transformational Breath® by Dr. Judith Kravitz.

My trainings with these internationally recognised US specialists I completed in Germany and the USA.

I see myself as a catalyst, inspiring and showing you the techniques and ways for setting your own goals and then following the path towards reaching them.

I’m happy to accompany you on your path …

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The distinct, unique spirit of an individual, of a brand, or of a company makes it a success.

There is great potential in everyone, a very special style, a quality, an identity and a beauty that can be lived and expanded in a very personal and unique way, thus creating balance and distinctiveness.

This also becomes apparent in a company’s or individual’s design, style, image and direction. This potential, to realise that spirit and make it come alive, is at the heart of my work with you. Together we will create something unique.

In doing so, we will work creatively. Habits, fixed patterns often conceal and limit an individual’s or company’s full development potential.

My philosophy and creativity will support our work together, empower and assist in changing habits, dissolving stubborn patterns while allowing a smooth transition to a fulfilled life.

My work and philosophy stand for creativity, vitality, quality of life, and transformation.



Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching is an integral approach that supports you coming back into your original state of „I am“. The desire for personal development is probably the biggest incentive for booking coaching. This desire can be related to one’s professional, personal or creative environment, areas of stress in the job, a career change or blockages such as low self-esteem or too little confidence in one‘s own skills.

Change processes are a part of our lives, allowing us grow and explore new areas within our own personality. In our everyday lives, external influences and demands seem to get bigger and bigger; there is little time and leisure to devote ourselves to what is on the inside, to our own potential and talents. We hide our strengths and resources. When this happens over a prolonged period, inhibitions and fear of the new and unknown increasingly displace the desire for change.

The desire is there, but implementation seems difficult. Together we will take a comprehensive look at your situation and develop the necessary steps for your transformation. With intense one-on-one coaching, I will offer you several options to regain your inner balance and stability and to achieve your personal goals. Let us get to that point together and develop a sustainable strategy for more quality of life. You take the lead in your life – NOW.

Services offered – Finding solutions together:

· In your creative work processes and with your stages of development, I will inspire and reflect your ideas and visions.
· In developing your personality, I will help you discover new qualities.
· New approaches to dealing with conflict, together we will develop new approaches to competitive and transitional situations.
· We will work out a clear vision of your goals and develop concrete action steps.

After the coaching you will receive a commented script with the key points of the session.

Phone or Skype sessions are possible as well.


LOCATION: I work internationally – mainly in Hamburg and partly on Majorca

INFORMATION: Please use the adjacent pdf contact form and send it to me via email.

CONTACT: mail@christineschmid.com


Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a highly effective method that initiates integration and healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.
It was developed by American Dr. Judith Kravitz over the course of more than thirty years and has been taught globally since then.
The technique teaches how to expand the breathing volume and significantly absorb more oxygen, thus supplying all our body cells with more energy.

Pain and fear, for example, are low vibrating, compressed energies, for which an opening is created by the higher vibrating energy of the connected breathing into these areas. Thus, blockages that cause pain and distress can be breathed free and dissolved.

The effects appear on three levels:

· physical – higher oxygen supply for more energy 
helps release tensions, allows true relaxation, 
activates self-healing powers.
· emotional / mental – negative or repressed thoughts and emotions can occur and can be released sustainably through the opening, positive effect of this breathing.
· spiritual – breathing helps us open up to our own preciousness, to develop confidence and open ourselves to our own spirit. 
That heals and inspires us and shows us
 who we really are.

Breathing is life energy

And yet, most people use only about 20 percent of their lung capacity to breathe. Thus, the largest source of energy is not fully leveraged. Since detoxification in the body partly happens via breath, it is easy to understand that shallow breathing leaves too many toxins in the body. This causes pain and disease, not only on a physical level.

Also mentally, breath indicates if we are not feeling well. It often stays in the upper chest. Stress and tension, for example, make us gasp for breath, anxiety even makes us hold our breath. Thus, precious energy, peace and energy are lost. Good, conscious breathing enables a life of ease and full of energy.

Change your breathing pattern – change your life.

I offer TB coaching to individual clients. But it is also part of my  workshops and seminars.


LOCATION: I work internationally – mainly in Hamburg and partly on Majorca

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CONTACT: mail@christineschmid.com



A large part of my work involves hosting workshops, retreats and classes in Germany and other parts of the world. They are tailored to both beginners and advanced learners, and they focus on learning and reinforcing a transformative breathing technique with which you can initiate changing your life in a sustainable way. I also offer online courses. My WEBINARS you find on MASTER YOUR BREATH. You can find my current event dates on FACEBOOK, or I’d be happy to alert you to upcoming events by EMAIL. You can also subscribe to my NEWSLETTER.

Each event offers you room for growth, transformation and creativity. You examine your present situation, and experience your innate spirit more deeply. Breath training brings you away from thinking and into feeling, creating a balance of body, mind and spirit.

You will be able to get a clearer picture of your individual desires and abilities, take charge of your life, and shape it according to your desires. Through these transformative breathing techniques you’ll also learn many practical exercises and tools for self-help and self-discovery that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. My events will assist you step by step in shaping your life effectively in the Here and Now. I look forward to meeting you!


Dates and registration for workshops

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Christine Schmid
Breath & Holistic Life Coach

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