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Creativity and Spirit – I find both in my encounters with people, places and the conscious experience of Now.

Freelance work, many years in a leading position at Gruner & Jahr publishing house, various education and training make up my backround – combining my sound knowledge in design, publishing and advertising with my years of experience and practice in healing and spirituality complete my knowledge.

My personality easily draws the best qualities out of others. I naturally create an atmosphere of trust and, above all, self-confidence to discover your own potential.

I use different methods: on the mental level, Life Coaching by Barbara Sher and on the physical level Transformational Breath® by Dr. Judith Kravitz.

My trainings with these internationally recognised US specialists I completed in Germany and the USA.

I see myself as a catalyst, inspiring and showing you the techniques and ways for setting your own goals and then following the path towards reaching them.

I’m happy to accompany you on your path …

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