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Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching is an integral approach that supports you coming back into your original state of „I am“. The desire for personal development is probably the biggest incentive for booking coaching. This desire can be related to one’s professional, personal or creative environment, areas of stress in the job, a career change or blockages such as low self-esteem or too little confidence in one‘s own skills.

Change processes are a part of our lives, allowing us grow and explore new areas within our own personality. In our everyday lives, external influences and demands seem to get bigger and bigger; there is little time and leisure to devote ourselves to what is on the inside, to our own potential and talents. We hide our strengths and resources. When this happens over a prolonged period, inhibitions and fear of the new and unknown increasingly displace the desire for change.

The desire is there, but implementation seems difficult. Together we will take a comprehensive look at your situation and develop the necessary steps for your transformation. With intense one-on-one coaching, I will offer you several options to regain your inner balance and stability and to achieve your personal goals. Let us get to that point together and develop a sustainable strategy for more quality of life. You take the lead in your life – NOW.

Services offered – Finding solutions together:

· In your creative work processes and with your stages of development, I will inspire and reflect your ideas and visions.
· In developing your personality, I will help you discover new qualities.
· New approaches to dealing with conflict, together we will develop new approaches to competitive and transitional situations.
· We will work out a clear vision of your goals and develop concrete action steps.

After the coaching you will receive a commented script with the key points of the session.

Phone or Skype sessions are possible as well.