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Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is a highly effective method that initiates integration and healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.
It was developed by American Dr. Judith Kravitz over the course of more than thirty years and has been taught globally since then.
The technique teaches how to expand the breathing volume and significantly absorb more oxygen, thus supplying all our body cells with more energy.

Pain and fear, for example, are low vibrating, compressed energies, for which an opening is created by the higher vibrating energy of the connected breathing into these areas. Thus, blockages that cause pain and distress can be breathed free and dissolved.

The effects appear on three levels:

· physical – higher oxygen supply for more energy 
helps release tensions, allows true relaxation, 
activates self-healing powers.
· emotional / mental – negative or repressed thoughts and emotions can occur and can be released sustainably through the opening, positive effect of this breathing.
· spiritual – breathing helps us open up to our own preciousness, to develop confidence and open ourselves to our own spirit. 
That heals and inspires us and shows us
 who we really are.

Breathing is life energy

And yet, most people use only about 20 percent of their lung capacity to breathe. Thus, the largest source of energy is not fully leveraged. Since detoxification in the body partly happens via breath, it is easy to understand that shallow breathing leaves too many toxins in the body. This causes pain and disease, not only on a physical level.

Also mentally, breath indicates if we are not feeling well. It often stays in the upper chest. Stress and tension, for example, make us gasp for breath, anxiety even makes us hold our breath. Thus, precious energy, peace and energy are lost. Good, conscious breathing enables a life of ease and full of energy.

Change your breathing pattern – change your life.

I offer TB coaching to individual clients. But it is also part of my  workshops and seminars.