EN Workshops 3 – In Search of Nothing



The intensive coaching break with change of perspective

Everyone knows the feeling of being able to think more freely and differently about a situation on neutral ground. If we feel trapped in a situation, our thoughts continuously revolve around that one subject and we lose touch with our centre. The feeling of freeing your mind and experiencing the reconnection to yourself, far away from daily stress, is an important asset.

For particularly intense and effective coaching, I offer you this special break.

As your coach, I will accompany you while working on conflicts and blockages. I will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, restore your capacity, re-use your creative potential and learn to feel more quality of life.

This programme will help you solve inner blockages and learn to accept negative feelings. To discover your existing potential and resources, to recognise and break your patterns, and to alter them successfully.

The aim of this intensive coaching time-out is a complete transformation. Explore your own creativity and learn to use it successfully on yourself. Become strengthened, motivated and inspired to take your life back into your own hands.

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