EN Workshops 4 – Rediscover your Creativity


Rediscover your Creativity and Live It!

Workshop in two modules to rediscover your innate creativity and motivation

What are my heart’s true desires? Am I really sincere with myself? How can I change step by step, so as to apply my talents and qualities and give my life a positive direction?

This seminar will allow you to discover your true potential. Together we will develop a detailed plan for success to reveal your core motivation and to define steps for change. Old patterns of behavior will be exposed and replaced by new, sustainable, positive impulses.

This workshop includes various physical exercises, meditations, group and individual training sessions, time for self-reflection, awareness training and relaxation exercises.



Focus: Creating awareness of your identity

You enter your inner space and meet your heart’s desires. You get closer to yourself and open up to the basic principles of your subconscious mind.

· Generate clarity – you will learn to trust your inner voice, to identify your heart’s desires and find out which path is the most beautiful for you.

· More YOURSELF! – You have had an idea about what’s inside yourself. NOW you can feel it and be fully aware of yourself. Your self-confidence leads you to taking your own personal path. Step by step you learn how to make your life more creative and lively.


Focus: Creativity & Spirit

In the first module, you have gained clarity about creativity and spirit. Yet, in some places you still feel your personal limits and resistance. Together, we will solve these. We will break up old patterns and sharpen your empathy.

· Living your heart’s desires – you continue to practice achieving your heart’s desires full of commitment and full of energy. The energy comes naturally, since you are now holistically doing what suits you. Nothing needs to be enforced. You are more satisfied and act from your inner strength.

· Me & the NOW! – you have dared to confront yourself and have made great progress. You appreciate yourself and your life and are in accordance with your environment. You are aware of yourself and live from your centre.