EN Workshops 5 – Creative Time Out


Breathe Deeply – Creative Time Out

Regenerative Weekend Workshop Transformational Breath® and Life Coaching

This workshop is devoted to your own sensory perception, breathing and the NOW.

The goal is to accept your own life situation, to recognise the innate creativity within yourself and to get in touch with yourself. From this you will create your life in the ‘here-and-now’, on your own terms.

This joint cooperation creates a feeling of connectedness. Negative emotions dissolve. You breathe deeply. You observe every breath and relax in it.

This encourages creativity and creative thinking and opens up a changed perspective of your own concerns. In the community, with like-minded people, there is more space and openness for your own personality and creativity to be developed step by step..

The learned topics and priorities will be integrated so that they become a part of the self. The aim is to develop new personal power sources and to apply them effectively.

Many practical exercises for self-awareness and self-perception.

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